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Jake “the Pocho” Pena

 Jake, our in house Pocho, is first generation Mexican American hailing from South Texas. After travelling the world in the Marine corps and as a semi-conductor engineer, Jake set down roots in Shanghai about five years ago. The Pocho Social Club is a recreation of the flavors and fun of his Mexican American youth. Enjoy a few drinks with El Pocho Sunday night when he personally mans the outside grill for his famous BBQ beef tacos.


Shanghai Native, Hanson has years of experience in the food and beverage industry with special emphasis on Japanese cuisine and drink culture. Hanson embarked on Pocho after finishing up at the Japanese Shochu bar, Jiaoba.

“Doc” Louie

 After completing his Phd in Chinese, the native New Yorker and two-decade inhabitant of Greater China decided to put his experience working in  F&B on three continents to work. Together with Jake and Hanson, Louie joined in the creation of the Pocho Social Club.



Classically trained as a clarinetist, our most energetic team member enjoys creating drinks influenced by the fresh fruits and flavours of her native Southern China. Continuously experimenting with new flavors, drop by and you might get to participate in the creation of the newest member of her super hero series.



Mina came to Shanghai from her home just outside Seoul about five years ago. Since then she has developed into a top-level mixologist. Feel free to ask her about her newest off-menu drink or infusion.