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Welcome to the Pocho Social Club

We’re a Mexican-American bar that is big on the social side of things. Our name comes from the Mexican Spanish word ‘Pocho’ (originally meaning ‘rotten’ or ‘over-ripe’) which is a sometimes pejorative term for a person of Mexican descent who inhabits a cultural midpoint between Mexico and America. That being said, our in-house Pocho, Jake, believes anyone who loves Mexican influenced fun, drink and atmosphere can aspire to being a Pocho. Stop by and find your inner Pocho!

Our Reviews


  • DRiNK Magazine – From US Marine Corps to semi-conductor engineer, Jake Pena is now co-owner of a Shanghai Tequila bar
  • Pencity: Tex Mex and Tipples – Spread over three floors of an old lanehouse, the space is simply decorated and unpretentious – think warm woods, brick walls, spiral staircase.